The Heart’s Dilemma

Motherhood or her soul mate? An impossible choice for Olinda who can’t have both. 

Olinda Ascher is unaccountably single in a sea of smug marrieds. An entrepreneur and yoga teacher, she runs a chain of yoga studios from London’s Notting Hill. Olinda is thirty-nine and aches for a family, but the men she dates turn out to be unavailable, gay, or married to their mothers. Dangerously close to her sell-by date, the dreaded Forty, she picks a sperm donor and pursues single motherhood, via in vitro fertilization. 

Then she meets Harry Cunliffe: a top-notch restoration carpenter who refurbishes the crumbling beauty of stately homes for the National Trust. He has an 18th century, limestone cottage in the Cotswolds. 

Harry likes Olinda. He even loves her. Olinda thinks she might have a path to family after all. Until the deal-breaker. He doesn’t want a child. Ever. Absolutely not. 

Olinda is in love with Harry. She wants to be a mother. She can’t have both. What will she risk to create the life of her dreams?

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