The Perfumer’s Secret

A mesmerizing novel of beauty, truth and passion set in a 300-year-old perfume house in the South of France.

Zandy Watson, a 30 year-old documentary maker from New York has a scumbag father and a broken past. She’s a social-justice-warrior, hellbent on making important movies that expose the truth. Except her boss sends her to the South of France to make some puff piece about a 300-year-old perfume house. 

In Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, a heavenly garden rich in delicate flowers, Zandy is seduced by the perfumer’s art. And by Dominique Severin the secretive, debonair heir, who is battling to keep his family business alive or lose his honor. 

Behind the glamorous façade, Zandy discovers a shameful secret. Holding a glittering chance to uphold justice, she faces a heartbreaking choice. Will she betray the lover who has trusted her with his secrets? And will she destroy thousands of innocent lives along her path?

The Perfumer’s Secret is an enchanting journey through the captivating world of perfume, with an indomitable young woman, who in her darkest moment, discovers the wisdom and courage to improve countless lives and change her own life forever.

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