The Power of Morning Pages. You write three pages or 750 words about anything on your mind. No matter how mundane or lofty. You empty the contents of your mind onto the page, higgedley-piggeldy in any order. Julia Cameron who created Morning Pages in her wonderful book, The Artist’s Way says to write by hand, first thing on waking.

When you don’t have time for that, try any version works for you. I type mine into a document called Morning Pages. 

What’s it for? To train your mind to be more open, observant, and imaginative. To get clear about what’s important to you. To focus on what matters. Morning Pages are a way to work out any kind of problem and find your solutions. It might be, I don’t know what kind of scene should come next. Perhaps, I don’t like cooking; how am I going to get dinner on the table for the family? Or in Georgiana’s case, should I leave my husband?’

What’s it like? At first, it’s challenging. You feel you don’t have any subjects to write about. And you judge and criticize whatever you produce.  

The solution is, write about not knowing what to write about. Write about how self-critical you’re being. Your mind will settle into the practice. Gradually, the questions you are trying to answer, the challenges you are trying to solve, the forward direction in your life, present themselves. Now you have your subjects. You write about all the ways you can’t take the steps to follow your dream. After that, your mind starts to present solutions. It’s like airing a topic with a close friend, looking at it from different angles, without having to land on a solution. You Marie Kondo your mind, creating space for better ideas.

You still don’t like it. You can’t see the point of it. It isn’t helping. Yes. That’s what it feels like at first. You have to do it for a number of days. Maybe seven, maybe fourteen, maybe twenty-one. Incrementally, it will open up to you. Over time, it becomes blissful. Then you drop it. . . and getting back to it is hard again. So you work through your resistance for another seven days. Again, it becomes blissful and essential to your life.

Everyone who does it talks of it with awe, as a doorway into what is deep and authentic. It will help you find solutions to problems you barely notice floating on the surface of your mind. It will help you follow your dreams, however big they are. It will help you break your challenges down into small actionable steps. And when you’re not writing your pages, your mind will be looking for solutions to the problems you’ve aired in your pages.How can you be more creative? Can you write or paint or dance? Yes, anyone can. Every artist encounters self-doubt: the voice that says other people can, but I can’t. Morning Pages are how you air those doubts, and find ways to overcome them. Readers ask, how do you come up with fiction? Answer: morning pages are a great way to start.

How do you access your creativity? What works for you? I’d love to hear. Email me:

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